If you need to talk long term strategy, timber volumes, mapping, marketing assistance, supervision, pest identification, or want professionals marking your timber thinnings, we are your professionals. Wildlife Management cannot be done without taking forestry practices into consideration. All too often there is a disconnect between the timber companies and wildlife managers. We offer our clients in South Carolina the opportunity to have a company that knows and understands both forestry and wildlife. We operate with both in mind when working with our wildlife clients. Utilizing a network of quality timber buyers in our bidding process, we ensure top dollar on every sale. Our service doesn’t stop there, we hold the logging crews accountable while they are on your property through regular supervision. We are there looking out for your best interest.

The timber on this property was marketed, marked, and sold by Private Land Management prior to this picture.

Private Land Management handles pine straw leases like this one for landowners looking to capitalize and diversify on their timber investments.

Private Land Management

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